Bike events around the globe

Italy Bismark, North Dakota Nevada Charleston South Carolina is getting into the warriors… Missouri Cyclocross in Minneapolis

Portland in November: […]

Dodging sound cannons, gone to interbike.

The guys over at were wise to get out of there home town of Pittsburgh last weekend. The world’s leaders were gathered for the G20 summit and felt so threatened by a few people demonstrating these silly little things like their constitutional rights that they: Called in 4000 police officers, used pepper spray, […]

Tech time: iphone navigation

Check this out. Is this the iphone bike navigation of the future?


Also I found this Iphone app to store your bicycle spec information that is also a donation for Prostate Cancer.

Check out: […]

Caption this Photo:

Big shout out to by far, my favorite bike blog: all hail the black market.

Once again, where I bit this photo from, now caption it!

Boogie Nights is back…Track bike racing in Prospect Park

A weekly series starting October 2nd.

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NYC is getting Copenhagenized

Creator of the Blogs: Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize has been in NYC promoting urban design and ideals that Denmark has known for years: The bicycle is more than just fashionable…its functional…go figure.

Here’s more (but it looks like we missed em) […]

A quick wrap up on Bikeshorts, last night.

Bikeshorts is a screening night here in NYC, hosted by Ken Stanek, where people submit short movies about bikes and people cheer on there favorite so one lucky film makers can win $100.00.

Here is a quick report of last nights action by Ken himself:

“There were 17 films, between 30 seconds and 5 […]

Bike art show in Connecticut, found out through twitter.

I really like twitter. Not just to find out what people are having for lunch, but also to get some good insight into bike news and events. For instance: who runs a cycling news website aptly named: dougreport, alerted his twitterites of a bicycle art show in Ridgefield Connecticut.

The Aldrich Contemporary […]

Poleriders new site

Back from Las Vegas and the Interbike convention, the poleriders have a new website:

Bikecore show moves inside.

Just got word:

X possibles, team spider, wombat in combat @ club europa tomorrow! Free, all ages, 2 to 6 pm…show moved from tompkins sq park.

due to Bad cops / Bad weather,, Sunday’s Free Fu*King Sppech show is moved… from TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK to CLUB EUROPA, 2-6pm Free Europa Nightclub

98 Meserole […]