2 more stolen bikes.

my black 2010 specialized langster was stolen about 2 weeks ago.
A guy that looked like a messenger stole it tight outside of the building where I work.
he was caught on tape but the security people didn’t want to give me a copy so I took a picture with my phone
its pretty bad but you can see him
he was wearing black shorts, black tshirt and a messenger back that was black with a yellow top.

I made a police report and they told me they were gonna come and check the tape… of course they never came.

I had the bike only for 2 weeks…

Im attaching the picture of t he guy and the bike

thanks alot

the bike was completely black I took all the stickers out

and this one:



I’m trying to put this information out there to anyone involved in cycling in NYC. My beloved bike was stolen last night outside of my home in Sunset Park Brooklyn. A fence (metal) was sawed through to remove the bike. I’m assuming they removed it so they could take it elsewhere and attempt to remove the lock from the frame.

It’s the only size/color combination of this bike in NYC. A photo is included below. If anyone sees this bike for sale, or knows it’s whereabouts, I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you.

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