A quick wrap up on Bikeshorts, last night.

Bikeshorts is a screening night here in NYC, hosted by Ken Stanek, where people submit short movies about bikes and people cheer on there favorite so one lucky film makers can win $100.00.

Here is a quick report of last nights action by Ken himself:

“There were 17 films, between 30 seconds and 5 minutes long. 112 people came out. DBA hooked up a drink special for us afterwards. My Mom was there. Everyone heckled me to take off my shirt. I never did. The winning film was “Cycle Of Love”, a film about a young tricycle infatuated with a hot, pink track bike – by Brittlee Bowman and Cat Marshall. It’s not online anywhere because they’re going to submit it to the BFF in the spring. Which is awesome – that’s what Bike Shorts was intended for. “

find out more about last night and upcoming events at

3 comments to A quick wrap up on Bikeshorts, last night.

  • Cyclerock

    The website said the films start at 8, so I got there ten minutes to. After waiting on line until 8:30, and barely moving, I left. Disorganization. Total disrespect for the people that were their to support them.

  • Ken

    Hey Cyclerock,
    I’m the organizer of Bike Shorts, and I sincerely apologize for that horrendous line on Sunday night. It was, unfortunately and sincerely, out of my control. As far as Bike Shorts was concerned, we were ready to go at 8pm. The only missing piece was … the audience. I was well aware that the line was around the corner & not moving. I’ve been working with Public Assembly to try & streamline their admission process for shows like that, because you’re right, starting an hour late is completely unacceptable.

  • Cyclerock

    I’m surprised and appreciate your professional response. No hard feelings. I’ll support your future events.