Bicycle Film Festival in Europe

The Bicycle Film Festival is now in Europe hitting these cities:

Copenhagen-September 30th
Milano-October 8th-11th
Paris-October 14-18th

Check out this trailer:

The cardboard bicycle heads will be in London starting tomorrow.
More info here.

In my on going series in meeting festival directors, introducing Laura Fletcher, who’s keeping things going over there in the UK.

Here is my interview:

Name, age, where you live (ride)

Laura Fletcher 26, London UK

What bikes do you own?

I’ve got three bikes. A beat up Orbit Lo-Pro fixed wheel, A Maclachlan track frame with big swept back bars for the pub and a Condor Leggero for distances.

-what will be your next bike purchase?

Space constraints limit the purchase of more bicycles….does a proper waterproof jacket count?

Tell us a little about you as a biker? organizations you are a part of? Do you bike for sport, just for transportation?

I bike for transport and for sport. I started riding as a way to get around town, but when I got a road bike, it was a sport hobby as well. This year, I rode a sportive in Italy, taking me over Mortirolo, an Italian Alp. Hell, it was, but definitely an achievement.

What got u involved with BFF this year?

I’ve been working with the BFF for three years now. So, last year became this year? It is quickly approaching another….

What have been some memorable experiences from BFF in London in the past? Events you attended or heard about?

I think the most memorable would have to be the 2008 polo tournament. In proper London fashion, it was pissing with rain. We still held the tourney though, had a great turnout and everyone had a blast, and very soggy feet. It was great to see how dedicated cyclists are to come out and bike, rain or shine.

What’s planned for the festival? Tell us about the East to West Ride?

Tons planned for the festival this year. The east to west ride is a group ride across town to our opening night party. London is huge so its great to collect people and do a social ride to the destination.
We’ve got great films of course, a polo tournament, alleycat and roller racing, and this year we are also putting on a BMX street Jam with Carhartt Streetwear. They’ve done a great job with it, and have 200 riders from around the world coming out for it. Thanks to Joe Stakun for making the wicked FBM bikes film this year!

Who is coming out?

Er…. 200 bmxers? No, hopefully everyone. We try to reach out to ALL types of cyclists, and have focused events that hopefully will make everyone want to come!

Any local British film makers or films?

Yes! We have about ten British films in this year. Too many to all list, but its been great to see content growing from this side of the pond. The accent does go over well on film.

What impact do you hope the bff will have on the bike community?

I hope the BFF will be an opportunity for all cyclists to come together and share ownership of an event. I love seeing the roadies next to the messengers, next to the bmxers next to the audax crowd. Amazingly, it rarely happens outside in the world.

What is the bike cultural landscape in London? Alleycats, indoor sprints, bike polo, fixed gear scene?

We have it all here. The fixed scene has grown substantially over the past few years, its wild how many bikes we see every morning now. Every weekend there are events going on. The wonderful thing here also is the domestic road racing scene that blends into city cycling. We have some inner city events, like the Nocturne Series which creates a great dialogue between professional cycling and transportation cycling.

Had any experience with the local Critical Mass? other group rides?

Personally, no, but we do have critical mass every month here, I believe it averages about 1000 riders a month.

What’s it like riding in London? Is there infastructure? What needs the most improvement? What is really working out well?

Currently our Mayor, Boris Johnson is very keen on cycling. Hes done away with evil bendy buses, but infrastructure still isn’t great. We have some of the stupidest bike lanes ever. Here’s a bbc article even on bad bike lanes: here.

Is there a lot of driver vs cyclist beef?

Just the standard I reckon for any major city. Good days and bad days, nice drivers, mean drivers.

How has the popularity of cycling grown? What can you attribute the rise to?

The movement towards cycling is so natural its hard to attribute it to any one thing. Petrol prices, the congestion charge, the congestion, etc. The rise of cycling as a cultural ‘cool’ has helped as well. We have tax free bike schemes in the UK to promote commuting and this has greatly increased the number of riders. I hope the BFF continues to create a fun place for all the cyclists to come together, and encourage more people to start.

Cool places for cyclists to hang out in London?
There are so many!
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Downham Rd Polo court, and the Northgate pub afterwards. London fields in the summer is the best for bike and people watching.

What are your future cycling goals? Travel?

Not sure if I will make it up another mountain, but may as well try!

Anything you wished I’d asked you or failed to promote?

Matrix Clothing
DVS shoes
Come to the BFF! Its gonna be wicked!

Laura Fletcher
Bicycle Film Festival

Some highlights of this weekend’s festival will be:

and a photo scavenger hunt: (from facebook)

The Reel Tour Photo-Cat Saturday 26th September A points based photo-cat celebrating the BFF and everything to do with bicycles and cycling.
For £2 per team ( bargain ) you will get : one ( beautifully designed ) manifest, loads of checkpoints, 3 hours to collect as many points as you can.
You will get to experience ( with a lot of imagination ) : pro races, yellow jerseys, Kevin Bacon, cobbles, tricks,drinks, Vicky Pendleton, cycling clothing and many cycling films related tasks.
Bring a bike, bag, A-Z, digital camera ESSENTIAL Prizes from Condor Cycles,Tour de Ville, Rapha, DVS, Matix and more…
Meet outside the Barbican Centre, Silk Street EC2. Registration at 1pm. Starts at 2pm sharp! We will be projecting the photos taken during the photo-cat at the 6:30pm Film Festival screening. We will have card readers on site but if possible please take the USB cable for your camera with you. Reely hope to see you all at the Barbican x

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