Bike art show in Connecticut, found out through twitter.

I really like twitter. Not just to find out what people are having for lunch, but also to get some good insight into bike news and events. For instance: who runs a cycling news website aptly named: dougreport, alerted his twitterites of a bicycle art show in Ridgefield Connecticut.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is having a show called: Bike Rides the Exhibition.
Doug pointed me to this recent New York Times article about the show:

A Festive Salute to All Things Bicycle
Published: September 25, 2009

“Bike Rides: The Exhibition,” which opened Saturday at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, presents bicycles in all their glory. There are high-tech bicycles made from bamboo and titanium, two of Lance Armstrong’s carbon fiber bikes, and nationalistic creations like the restored and elaborately personalized vintage Schwinns from the Puerto Rico Schwinn Club, based in New York City. Among the sculptural works — from China, India and Brazil — is Cai Guo-Qiang’s “Illusion of Childhood,” an assemblage of bicycles, toys and other objects.

The exhibition also features bike racks, a bicycle advocacy mural and bicycle-inspired videos, including “Helmet-Cam Video” by David Byrne, the musician, artist and bicycling proponent, in which he navigates Manhattan by bike.

The co-curators of “Bike Rides” — Richard Klein, the Aldrich’s director of exhibitions, and Mónica Ramírez-Montagut — enlisted Mr. Byrne to serve as adviser. “He suggested we open the show up to bike advocates and aficionados as well as artists,” Ms. Ramírez-Montagut said.

In keeping with that approach, the Aldrich is hosting Bike Fest on Oct. 4. The event begins with Le Tour d’Aldrich — three organized bike rides, for novice, intermediate and advanced bikers ages 18 and older, that run from 13.4 to 27 miles and end at the museum.

Read the rest of the article here.

For more on the events surrounding this show check out the Museum’s Blog.
Thanks Doug, who also pointed out this article with research that shows, 40% of all twitter posts are pointless babble…read here.

Another article on the show in the Examiner.

Speaking of David Byrne and Twitter,

David was at Barne’s and Noble on Tuesday in Union Square Manhattan to promote his new book “Bicycle Diaries.”

The event was a little hijacked by Transportation Alternatives and DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan who spent a lot of time preaching about how the popularity of cycling began with Mayor Bloomberg and plan NYC…yeah and what about Critical Mass and all lots of free events by Time’s Up for over 20 years, not to mention that we are still getting ticketed and arrested for daring to ride our bikes in groups…Oh Thank You great Mayor Bloomberg.

The panel, which was packed by the way, would have been a lot better if David spoke and read from his book which is poetic and insightful to how bicycles can really make the world a whole lot better.

Meanwhile, I found this article on David in New York Magazine through twitter.

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