CMWC time again

Well it’s that time again, when bike couriers from around the world, duke it out to see who’s the fastest and can remain upright after downing the most beers. This year, its Saki shots as the world’s bike messengers descend upon TOKYO Japan.
godzilla CMWC
The CMWC (Cycle Courier World Championships) is September 19th-23rd.

Tomorrow is an the, “ART RUSH”
Picture 3

description on their site:
It’s an integration of Art and Messenger culture.
It’s a new style of art exhibition where messenger will be running as a piece of artwork.

The Media that we are calling for is a T-shirt.
Everyone’s favorite.


One person heading East, is our main purveyor of freestyle fixed gear culture, Non other then PROLLY.
Picture 6
He’s got his bike all safely tucked away:

Good Luck to him (Jealous)

We’ll be looking for some updates on twitter

Next year its CMWC in Guatemala
Picture 10

and it looks like Chicago is putting in a bid in Tokyo for 2011.
Picture 2

They’ve already got a website.

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