Getting in on the act

A couple of unlikely companies are getting into the act and realizing that bikes are cool (marketable)
A blog reader Stephen sent me info that mini cooper, maker of that cute little car is making a line of bicycles, including a fold up.

I guess it’s better than Hummer making bicycles.

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Then there is Field and Stream-just in case you want to bag a grizzly or cast a few fly reels on your fixie.

If you thought Field & Stream’s brand of clothing was cool – just wait until you get a look at this.
Field & Stream clothing introduces a red and black, buffalo-plaid-laden, fixed gear beer bike – this one-of-a kind model is the only one available and speaks to any active urbanite whose only other access to calling the wild is from their smart phone. It’s an effortless extension from Field & Stream’s new clothing line (check out the Jackson Jackalope shirt, image attached) and the best complement to anyone’s six’er. Ride and drink with style and caution!

Field & Stream combines an appreciation for America’s history with the technical possibilities of modern day. New silhouettes and a focus on details are the key drivers of the new F&S clothing collection. These two concepts rediscover the Field & Stream heritage and uncover a new modern day lifestyle. With classic understated designs and an overt attention to details, Field & Stream will become today’s testament to tradition, heritage and the ever present influence of the outdoors.

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If only Notorious B.I.G. Had this to match his lumber jack hat.

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