Hats off to them, Outlier has new product for fall.

Stylish and functional bike-friendly fashion company, Outlier has its first product for fall.OUTLIER-Nail-Black-Profile

Nailhead is one of our favorite worsted wools. Its subtle pinprick pattern gives it an incredible depth of texture, and as a fine suiting fabric it’s made from the softest and longest wool fibers available. That makes it one of the best performance fabrics around because the finer wools breathe better than cotton, and wick moisture into the inner core of their actual fibers. It makes for an incredible cap and looks damn fine too. The Outlier Nailhead Cap is made in collaboration with master milliner Victor Osborne and produced in New York City for exceptional quality.

Available in Dark Gray, Dark Blue and a Light Bluish Gray.

More info available at:

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  • amon

    Um, did I read that right that this hat is $90.00??? Almost a hundred bucks for a cycling cap? We’ve officially crossed over into trendy/fashionable and ridiculous huh? The color-coordinated bike accessories are one thing, but riding caps for a benjamin? When does Prada get in on this? I hope they gave you a free one for the advertising!