I’m in the Nation’s Capital for a few days. My wife is working, while I check out the sites with the baby. Some people would call that parenting.

Looks like a lot of bike commuting here with people in their K street attire heading to the office. A lot of no helmets and side walk riding around DuPont Circle, where we’re staying. Got a glimse at one of the bike sharing racks. It’s weird being in DC as a tourist and not running from 17 divisions of bike cops for some large scale demonstration.

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  • Hiya! Your blog showed up in one of my Google Alerts about biking in DC and I just thought I’d shoot you an email about getting on a bike while you’re in town. We offer bike tours as well as rentals. Sounds like you may have been down here enough not to need a tour, but if you want to get on two wheels while you are here, we have bikes – and we have a burley for the baby. :)

    Hopefully, you have also seen our locations around NYC…

    Just thought I’d throw it out to you.

    Cat Pear
    Bike and Roll

  • waltzing matilda

    How do you get the bikes off the rack? Is there a place to pay? If you want to see idiots on bikes come a couple of hours southwest of DC to Harrisonburg and check out the morons riding without helmets and no lights after dark.

  • Brodey

    I live in DC, and to be specific in Dupont Circle. Welcome, I hope you brought your bike. The pavement here calls to all but really smoothly accommodates the fixed.