Raising money for Gabe

I apologize for not posting this sooner, but donations are needed.

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A dear friend of the NYC cycling community, Gabriel Allen, was injured in a terrible bike crash back in August. Gabe was visiting San Francisco when he was hit by a car on his bicycle soon after he arrived in the city.

Here is a brief description of the accident off of the NYC fixed gear forum:

(August 14th)
Gabe was in a collision yesterday with car close at Duboce and Divisadero. I do not know if he broadsided the car or if it hit him–I was out of sight a block back–but there were many witnesses. He was on the sidewalk unconscious and an ambulance came within two minutes. He is in ICU at SF General, the #1 trauma hospital in the Bay Area. We were there within 10 minutes of the accident. His body is in disrepair: 4-5 fractures to the pelvis, a cracked rib, portion of his left lung collapsed, and brain swelling. There may be other things with his extremities, but it is low priority right now until they know his brain is all right. He’s sedated and will probably be for at least 72 hours until the trauma team has a better picture. His neck is fine, no nerve damage, no breaks to the spine, and no other internal organs were harmed.


an updated website of Gabe’s status and donations can be made at

The family is in desperate need of funds for mounting medical costs and to transport him back to NYC (he is still in San Francisco)

Any donations will be appreciated.

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