Sad News, Toronto Messenger killed.

This happened a few weeks ago but I thought it was worth a mention.
On August, 31st, 2009–Toronto Courier, Darcy Allan Sheppard was killed by former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant in a bizarre escapade of road-rage.

e82e132641beade0602a6e46177c.jpeg(picture of Darcy Allan Sheppard)

There was this article in the New York Times.

Canadian Politician Charged in Death
Published: September 1, 2009

OTTAWA — As the high-profile attorney general for Ontario, Michael Bryant had championed severe and controversial traffic safety laws. On Tuesday, he was charged with criminal negligence causing death and with dangerous driving causing death in an unusually violent episode of road rage involving a bicyclist.

The arrest of Mr. Bryant stemmed from a collision between a bicycle and an automobile in Toronto’s most prestigious shopping district late Monday evening. The episode started off as minor but swiftly escalated, leading to the death of Darcy Allan Sheppard, 33, who was identified as a bicycle courier.

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There was a facebook group created in his honor, now with over 700 members, showing Darcy had a large impact on the local cycling community.

An article in the Toronto Star Phoenix about a memorial planned for the fallen cyclist.

Meanwhile, fellow couriers took it upon themselves to stage a symbolic protest honoring their friends untimely death.
Picture 1

Almost 24 hours after the tragic scene, bike couriers blockaded the very street where Darcy was killed.

A video of a recent tribute ride:

Rest in Peace Brother.

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