The Post: We’re Screwed…YES MEN at it again

We’re Screwed!

Those fine culture jamming and Agitpropmasters, the “Yes Men” who brought you the fake NY Times, were at it again, this time making a NY Post highlight some real issues instead of outbursts form Kayne West…
Climate Change.

New Yorkers woke up today to see this issue bombard their senses and expose a real threat. According to Gothamist, over 85,000 printed editions were distributed city-wide.

You can read the whole thing at: (it appears to be getting overloaded-or the Real Post is trying to shut it down)

More from Gawker.
and from the Yes Men’s Blog.

Video of event:

“SPECIAL EDITION” NEW YORK POST from The Yes Men on Vimeo.

Hey, that’s my friend Jesse Epstein!
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The Yes Men will be doing a demo tomorrow to help you survive the changing climate: (from Gothamist)
“in Stuy Cove Park, just north of East 20th Street on the East River, to demonstrate their post-apocalyptic SurvivaBall, “a self-contained living system—truly, a gated community for one. If you have a SurvivaBall, even if everyone else is dying, at least you can weather all storms.”
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There is also a new documentary coming about the dangers of a warmer planet, which asks the important question, “How Stupid are we…”
Which is having its global premiere in 550 cities over the next two days. Today is the one in New York. To find out where its showing go here.

This film is in preperation for the successor to the Kyoto Treaty, the next UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009.

1 comment to The Post: We’re Screwed…YES MEN at it again

  • Michael

    It’s a parody on how incredibly stupid and gullable the sheeple are as to how

    much fear they are willing to buy. HAHA, they bought it hook line and sinker and

    believe every word it says. In America, there’s a sucker every few steps.

    I am not one of them and am going to win in this battle against the globalists.

    I have to laugh my ass off at the global warming conspiracy deniers, when I see

    what the Sun is denying them of every day. No sunspots for them for a very long

    time till they learn a lesson they will never forget, HAHA. The lesson includes;

    you can’t trick the world into accepting global energy rations and Rothschild

    style control of the energy markets through junk climate science.

    Watch this 1990 documentary, it proves the on-going conspiracy to control the

    entire world through global taxation of the energy markets.

    The Greenhouse Conspiracy