Vote for Norman

One way we can express ourselves politically is to vote, when not too busy holding signs of Obama as Hitler and being afraid federal death panels are going to pull the plug on Grandma.

Voting is a bit less time consuming and angry, but you generally don’t get prime time news coverage on Glen Beck’s show.

Still I recommend exercising this basic right and tomorrow is the primary in NYC.

Boob-berg might have it the bag for mayor because he’s the richest but there are still some really good candidates in close races who need your vote.

I am here to endorse and encourage my cyclist friends to vote for Public Advocate Candidate:

Norman Siegel.

Here is a video to sway you:

Here is some inspiring text to sway you even more:

Norman Siegel has been at the forefront of the struggle for the cyclist’s civil rights since August 2004. This video covers the history of Norman’s involvement with the highly publicized battle of the NYPD against cyclists on the streets and inside the courts.

The grassroots effort to create the video was done for a total cost of $100, a significant difference to the thousands being spent in most of the other NYC political races.

This passionate response from individual volunteers working on Norman Siegel’s campaign fits the office he is running for, that is like no other in the country.

“Why would the public want a person in the public advocate’s office that won because of wealthy donors and endorsement’s from insiders,” says Ben Shepard, volunteer of Cyclists for Siegel.

“Once the public views the video, they’ll be reminded that Norman Siegel has been working already as the “People’s Lawyer” for decades, including the cyclists and all the others that he’s helped successfully to fight back when the government was doing them wrong,” says Austin Horse, who was represented by Siegel in his struggle against the NYPD.

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