WBAI radio show about bikes

Just got word that life long city biker and radio show host for WBAI, Paul Fischer will be dedicating his next show to biking.

He writes:

“I’m Paul Fischer..spent 40 years in broadcast news…including stints as WBAI News Director way back when…and 24 years writing for Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News.

My show, What’s the frequency Kenneth, is on listener sponsored, non commercial WBAI…a Pacifica Radio station…and while my subjects vary, I thought it would be good to do something about biking…my not so secret passion. I was biking to work before CBS had a bike rack. By the time I left, they had at least 3…and indoor, heated. Anyway, this show is for “generalists” and about my personal experiences with biking…not a tech manual….not an advice show. It’s mostly meant to be fun to listen to…even as i’m playing songs about skeletal/bone breaks from a serious accident…and my determination to bike again..which I have. In other words, this show about biking…is about living a life that doesn’t quite fit peoples’ expectations. A cyclist’s life.”

Tune in: 99.5fm WBAI
Wednesday, September 9th

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