Last Friday, Boogie Nights

Here is a quick report from last weeks opening night of Boogie Nights, track bike race series in Prospect Park.

from event organizer: Al, There were more than 25 racers in the B field, 13 racers in the A field with about 50 spectators.

I was really surprised and happy with the turnout. We […]

Morrissey Rode a bike…

The Smiths |MTV Music

Nowhere Fast: A Morrissey Ride Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 8 pm Tompkins Square Park, SW corner

Calling all sweet and tender hooligans, charming men, and handsome devils… It’s a party and you’re invited.

Wear: 1. pompadour 2. glasses 3. Smiths t shirt (sharpie version ok) 4. anorak 5. […]

There will be blood, well at least an Alleycat

There will be an alleycat this weekend in conjunction with the Los Marcos Melee .

Tweed Town

Looks like Boston just had a Tweed Ride:

Photos by: Dan Pugatch Photo set on Flickr.

Happy Birthday, Time’s Up

According to their Facebook page, Time’s Up just had their 22nd birthday. Here is some old art from back in 1988

Lots of Upcoming events:

1. BROOKLYN CRITICAL MASS Friday, October 9th, 7 p.m. Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park […]

The real Spiderman

Not bike powered, but RAD non the less.

Sweet, Glow in the Dark BMW

Brooklyn Machine Works has a limited edition, Glow in the dark Gangsta:

as seen on

the 700 club.

Lance Armstrong has: 2,069,670 Sarah Palin has: 149,441 Neil Diamond has: 27,767

and now Bikeblognyc has: over 700 followers! Woo Hoo.


The Melee is coming!

The signs are here. A chill in the air. The images seem familiar but are they? (photo from:

If you like bike polo…Then get ready for the Melee.

Follow along at […]

10-9-09 Messenger Apreciation Day

October 9th is official messenger apreciation day, according to

It started in San Francisco and was officially adopted in Toronto in 1997. Now it is celebrated in cities such as: Calgary, Chicago, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver , Houston and Washington DC.

It has come of specific importance this year in the healing process, […]