10-9-09. Messenger Appreciation Day

Today is Messenger Appreciation day.
To all those hard working individuals who choose to work on non-polluting transportation to deliver our packages…we salute you. In honor of this day I am giving a special plug to NYC’s Messenger owned cooperative: Mess Kollective.
Picture 10
About them from their website:
The Mess Kollective is a messenger-owned and operated company, founded on the principles of equality, respect for hard honest work, and an all-consuming passion for playing in traffic on our bikes.

After years of exploitation and of risking life and limb, we decided to take matters into our own hands and created the Mess Kollective.

Big shout out to Tone, Kym, Erik and Aias holding it down all the time, all weather.

also, check out the Mess Kollective Blog, and read about Kym’s exploits with a haircut gone wild, travels to Tokyo and the CMWC 2009.
tumblr_kr6lqk6SGW1qzsnv1 (Kym Perfetto)
tumblr_kr6m07Dsu21qzsnv1(Andy Zalan-DC Courier)

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