Bake sale for Grandma, Friday October 23rd.

A strong member of the NYC bike community known as “Grandma”, was in a bad accident.

Here is a blurb from Cyclehawk

As most of you know, a good friend of ours, “grandma” was in a very bad accident on Friday. His helmet saved his life. Without getting into too much detail, he has a punctured lung, severe damage to his spine, a broken jaw and quite a few other problems right now. Our friend is in alot of pain and is currently awaiting results of an mri before surgury can begin and he can start his long uphill battle of recovery.

In order to help cover the costs of surgery and to eventually get him back on the road, we are having a silent auction. If there is anything you would be able to donate at all please do. I know alot of you guys are fantastic artists. sketches, paintings, drawings, design work, photos, bike parts, tshirts, tires, baked goods, anything really would be really really appreciated. 100% of all proceeds benefit our fallen friend. Grandma is a wonderful person, and really needs our support right now.

On the flyer below is an email address where messages will be relayed to him as well as a paypal address. Drop him a line.
Date TBA.

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