Bikers make cross country trip to raise money for MS

Jefferson Siegel sent me this article from the NY Daily News.
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Anthony Carey and Katrina Allison will begin a year-long cycling odyssey of 14,000 miles through 33 states to raise money for multiple sclerosis.
British bikers to make cross-country trek in United States for charity

BY Christina Boyle

Sunday, October 25th 2009, 4:00 AM

It’ll be the ride of their lives.

A British couple are embarking on an epic two-wheeled adventure Sunday, leaving New York to cycle the perimeter of the United States during the next 12 months.
London residents Anthony Carey and Katrina Allison plan to ride through 33 states and cover 14,000 miles while raising money for multiple sclerosis.
“I sort of reached that junction in life where I wanted to do something special,” said Carey, 38, a financial consultant.
“Because it’s such a daunting task, I’m pretty sure that every day is going to be something special.”
The lovebirds, who met in New York in 2006, will take a train to Newark this morning before hopping on their touring bikes for the first of many legs.
They plan to cycle an average of 50 miles a day from now to next Sept. 30, when they are scheduled to arrive in Manhattan toned and exhausted – and a lifetime of stories to tell.

“It’s almost as if you’re traveling through loads of different countries and seeing different terrain, different climates,” said Allison, 39, a lawyer.

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