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BoomCrash_Bedford_N7SWC_dis is a blog a couple of good friends of mine started to document street artists response to the real estate boom and devastating crash that so many of us New Yorkers are in the midst of. From crane collapses, foreclosures, development out of control, stalled projects, and gentrification, this site is a visual documentation of New York’s BoomCrash.

About the site: “There is a visual conversation of sorts that has been taking place in the streets of North Brooklyn for some time now. Walk around the empty shells of buildings and the vacant lots and you’ll see what we mean: Stickers, tags, posters, words…
People are already speaking to and about the BoomCrash and have been for a while. Of course they are, of course WE are. After all, if you live in certain parts of this city- Greenpoint and Williamsburg most notably- its hard not to notice what happened and, for some, its impossible not to respond.”

Inspired by a this episode of This American Life: “the giant money pool.”

Video from Brandon Neubauer-

Eastern Eurpoe? from Brandon Neubauer on Vimeo.

To contribute to this site, send photos and video to:

My personal favorite response to the recession, seen in Fort Greene:

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