Grub and Gears, Sunday the 18th

Last weekend was the Tour de Taco. A group ride to all the tasty taco spots around town.

here is some coverage from Brooklynbybike.

more photos swimming in the flickr pool.

and some more about it at which has a nice list of food blogs to follow:
a few I added:

This weekend:

VendrTV is teaming up with BrooklynbyBike for another exciting food/bike tour:

Gears & Grub
(from facebook)

VendrTV and Brooklyn by Bike are joining forces to bring you the first Gears & Grub, a bicycle powered food cart tour through Brooklyn, NY!

Sunday, October 18th.
Meet at 11AM at Prospect Park under the Grand Army Plaza Arch.

Ending at 5PM in Williamsburg

This is an all day event that will be streaming live on Twitter (@brooklynbybike and @danieldelaney) so if you can’t make it in the morning, you can join us along the way!

Stops include: Smoothies, Schnitzel, Dim Sum, Tacos, and Pizza!
Here’s a very tentative list of destinations. Keep checking back for up to date information!

1. Meet in PROSPECT PARK (Grand Army Plaza Arch).
2. SUNSET PARK for chinese street food.
3. RED HOOK ball fields for Latin food.
4. DUMBO for Schnitzel and Things & Green Monster.
5. End in WILLIAMSBURG for Swedish Meatballs & Drinks at Eurotrash.

We’ll be posting the details of our stops as the itinerary develops, so stay tuned here.

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  • Thanks Bike Blog for the shout out. Love Famous Fat Dave– he took Anthony Bourdain out on one of his episdoes. Gluttonous!

  • Thanks for the shout out! I’m currently learning how to ride a bike… slowly but surely… hopefully I will be able to join u guys on a part 2 or 3 taco truck hunt =) in the future! Happy Eating

  • Hey, thanks for the link to 30/week! We are avid bikers as well (thought currently bikeless after we had ours simultaneously stolen) and fans of your site.