Looking for gifts for cyclists

452815245_d36de0455d_b(picture by: longwalkshortplank)
So I want to do a nice holiday gift guide for cyclists, so if you’re a retailer, manufacturer or make really great bike products…hit me up. I’m also interested in promotions too so please let me know you’re out there.

Add comments here or email me.

Not really looking for holiday sweaters though:


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  • Hello Longwalkshortplank,

    I am the owner and inventor of a new rear light for cyclists(and other night-time folks). We have just introduced the light, it is called The FlashBak. It is currently available in many bike shops around Texas. We are a small company, but we are growing very fast. Please visit our web site to see what the FlashBak is, and how it is unique. ( )

    Thanks for listening and we are also interested in promotions. Please let us know what we can do to be included in your future efforts.

    Brad Beneski

  • Emergency ID could prove to be the gift of life! We hope the cyclist in your life uses this, but never needs it. A waterproof ID form that rests inside a capsule in the handlebar of the bike. ID that’s always with you when you ride, can’t be left at home or forgotten. Check it out at Thank you, Karen