Pearl Izumi hooked me up.

Buying cycling clothes can be a pain. Bike shops have limited selections and besides who wants to try on bib tights in public? Then you’ve got to figure out how things are going to fit when buying form an online resource. One company that always seems to get it right for me is Pearl Izumi. They have a wide selection of gear literally from balaclava head gear to toe covers. They make practical, durable cycling gear and the designs work for multiple functions from training rides to the daily commute.
That’s why I was really psyched when Pearl Izumi contacted me and wanted me to try out a few samples from their new P.R.O. (Performace and Race Optimized) line.
I was even more surprised when a box of clothing showed up at my house this morning and just in time for winter. Thanks to the fine folks form Colorado. I’ll definitely give these a try and yes, my first bib tights.

pearl izumi
You know bikeblognyc isn’t one to shy away from controversy, which is why I included this link to a video of one particular group who is trying to ban this new fast product line.
Thus proving that not only does Pearl Izumi make great products, they also have a creative sense of humor.
Here is a press release Pearl Izumi sent out on their new line:

“Like today’s innovative swimsuits that are designed to increase a swimmers’ performance in the water,” said Cache Mundy, Pearl Izumi’s vice president of marketing, “our goal is to reduce drag as it relates to air to give our users the competitive edge they desire.”

“In addition to aerodynamics, we’ve also strive to address the issues of moisture and body temperature, which also can have a significant impact on race-day performance,” added Mundy.

Available in its P.R.O. (Performance and Race Optimized) line of cycling and triathlon apparel, the four new fabric technologies bring new aerodynamic, cooling, moisture transfer and thermal regulation to cycling and triathlon apparel. Pearl Izumi tests and refines its P.R.O. products with the Garmin-Slipstream Pro Cycling team, two-time Ironman World Champion Tim DeBoom, and the Pearl Izumi/Smith Adventure Race Team, in the most rigorous races, such as the Tour de France, and under the most extreme conditions imaginable.

The new fabric technologies were developed and tested by Pearl Izumi’s Advanced Development Team, also known as The Speed Shop, the “skunkworks” of Pearl Izumi’s advanced product innovation program. The mission of The Speed Shop, according to Bob Africa, Pearl Izumi’s director of product management, is to create game-changing apparel and footwear for today’s serious cyclists, triathletes and runners.

“Our goal is simple – provide the fastest, most comfortable, best fitting fabrics to enhance the performance of today’s cyclists and triathletes,” Africa said. “We’re about creating weapons of mass acceleration.”

According to Africa, the four new fabric technologies are integrated throughout the company’s new 2010 P.R.O. product line, ranging from base-layer shirts to race-day jerseys, shorts and bibs, to jackets, which are expertly designed to fit an athlete’s body like a second skin. The new fabric technologies include:

P.R.O. Transfer Aero

At the 2008 Tour De France, Pearl Izumi debuted its new P.R.O. Transfer Aero fabric in the custom speed suits worn exclusively by the Garmin-Slipstream pro cycling team. In wind tunnel tests Pearl Izumi’s P.R.O. Transfer Aero fabric produced an eight percent energy savings at 25 miles per hour.

P.R.O. Transfer Aero fabric represents another leap in fabric technology. It’s the fabric equivalent of dimples on a golf ball to create optimal aerodynamic performance. Developed by a joint innovation team comprised of product engineers at Pearl Izumi Japan and Pearl Izumi’s Speed Shop in Boulder, Colo., the fabric features a unique grid or checkerboard pattern that results in its optimal aerodynamic properties. When the fabric is placed over an athlete’s skin, it creates a barrier layer of air next to the surface to allow the remaining air to pass smoothly over the rider or triathlete to minimize drag.

In addition to the Garmin-Slipstream team, two-time Ironman World Champion triathlete Tim DeBoom has also been racing in custom apparel featuring P.R.O. Transfer Aero fabric. The new fabric will be available in Pearl Izumi’s 2010 P.R.O. Cycling Apparel and P.R.O. Triathlon lines, which are available at Pearl Izumi retailers.

P.R.O. Transfer with In-R-Cool®

One of the biggest challenges that endurance athletes face when racing on days when temperatures are warm or downright hot is keeping cool. Pearl Izumi has introduced a new fabric technology that actively cools fabrics and in return cools an athlete’s body temperature. Pearl Izumi’s P.R.O. Transfer fabric with Inner-R-Cool™ keeps the athlete cool in two ways to help an athlete regulate his or her body. One option features an active cooling ingredient embedded within the strands of the fabric that pulls heat away from the skin when activated by perspiration, which in turn lower’s the athlete’s surface temperature. The second option works to reflect the sun’s rays, making dark or colored jerseys just as cool as white fabric. Pearl Izumi’s In-R-Cool™ technology can be found in Pearl Izumi’s men’s and women’s P.R.O. cycling, run, and triathlon apparel such as the new P.R.O. Leader Jersey or the P.R.O. Ltd. Short.

P.R.O. Transfer with Mineralâ„¢

Pearl Izumi’s P.R.O. Transfer fabric with Mineral™ and Mineral™ Lite are featured exclusively in Pearl Izumi P.R.O. base-layer products. This new fabric technology is designed to help athletes transfer moisture away from their skin during competition and to reduce odor. P.R.O. Transfer fabric with Mineral features natural, carbon-based minerals integrated into the fabric, which has been designed with a porous yarn structure to increase moisture transfer and odor absorption. Pearl Izumi’s Mineral and Mineral Lite fabrics dry 50 percent faster than other performance polyester materials, increasing moisture movement for dry comfort and overall increased life of an athlete’s athletic apparel. This new fabric technology is available in base-layer products such as Pearl Izumi’s P.R.O. Transfer Sleeveless Baselayer and P.R.O. Transfer Short-Sleeve Baselayer.

P.R.O. Barrier WxB Technology

Designed to keep the athlete dry and comfortable, Pearl Izumi’s Barrier WxB technology combines a wind and waterproof shell to keep water out in a highly stretchable fabric that’s ideal for endurance sports. In addition, the fabric is contoured to the curves of the body to prevent flapping in the wind. Barrier WxB also features an interior titanium laminate that disperses body heat throughout the jacket to eliminate temperature spikes and hot spots, effectively spreading the heat out through the jacket for consistent comfort. This new fabric technology is available in outerwear products such as the P.R.O. Barrier WxB Jacket and the Women’s ELITE Barrier WxB jacket, and has been tested by proven athletes in foul weather events such as the 2009 Tour of California and the Paris-Nice race by the Garmin-Slipstream pro cycling team.

About Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi ( ) is a world leader in the manufacture of performance sports apparel and footwear for avid cycling and running enthusiasts. Based in Louisville, Colo., a suburb of Boulder, Pearl Izumi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shimano American Corporation, located in Irvine, Calif.

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