Poleriders Update

What have the poleriders been up to:

a little polo at the Los Marcos Melee
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Then, last weekend at the Big Apple Comic Con.

They’ll be gearing up the Village Voice Halloween Parade.

Speaking of Pedicabs (the one’s without erotic dancers on them) there was a recent article in the NY Times that gives a realistic shake to these men and woman making a living with a bicycle, despite some bad press due to a well documented midtown fist fight.

Three Wheels Through the Park
Published: October 16, 2009

The bride stood out against the backdrop of Central Park: The temperature was in the 50s, yet she had nothing more on her torso than a lace bustier. Below, her dress was as voluminous as an inflated parachute, dragging as she hobbled along the path.

Speaking of Pedicabs (well ones without erotic dancers on them) here was an article in the NY Times which gives some realistic light to the life of these men and woman using bikes to make a living, despite a recent fight video that’s given them a bad name.

I was gliding along comfortably in the back of a pedicab, with plenty of room next to me on the seat. So I offered her a lift.

The look she gave me was not gratitude. After a few more friendly entreaties, the groom caught up to us. “She doesn’t want to,” he said. With that, they turned off the path and she hobbled onward, juggling various hems.

I was stunned. Did she just reject my chivalrous offer? Could I possibly look that weird? Then I thought: Oh wait, she’s seen the video.

read the article here.

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