Some shots from last weekend’s Zombiecon

Last Saturday, New Yorkers were awaken to the undead, roaming their streets in the hilarious event ZombieCon.
Highlights include: Bloody Marys at the Carriage House, dancing to thriller in Grand Central and photoops at the Halloween Adventures shop.

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Zombiecon 2009 kicked off on the streets of Manhattan this Saturday with a round of Bloody Marys at the Carriage House. The un-dead dragged their feet Grand Central for a lively Thriller enactment, followed by a quick visit to Sephora’s (hey, even zombie’s need a little touch-up now and then). The monster mob then dragged their feet to Halloween Adventure for some photo-ops, while scarring small children and tourists along the way. Despite the rain, the zombies had all the time in the world to end the evening painting the town red at the Four Faced Liar and Oliver’s.

Here are some photos from suckapant blogger and photographer, Tod Seelie.

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