The Yes Men have big balls

These guys have some big balls:

Surviva Balls that is. Check them out on CNN

Will this survival suit from Haliburton may not solve anything but the YES MEN definitely have an effective way of getting people to think about corporate greed and the environment through there elaborate stunts.

They have a new movie coming out called: The Yes Men fix the world

It premiere today in NYC.

They also want you to get involved to help fix the planet:
(special message from the YES MEN)
Our film is a small part of a movement to help make that happen. Another part is – a website we recently launched in collaboration with a dozen direct-action activists. The idea is to get 10,000 folks to sign the “Climate Pledge of Resistance” and risk arrest to demand sane climate-change policy. On November 30, the tenth anniversary of the Seattle protests, and a week before the Copenhagen climate talks, those 10,000 activists will form the largest civil disobedience action in recent protest history.

Please join us on this big, crazy trip. And on the way, please see our film and learn how you too can have a riot while fixing the world.

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