Two bikes stolen in October (that I know of…)

Two people wanted me to post this about their bikes being stolen:

1-Brad Wilson

Mr. Green,

Thought you might be able to post about my bike…

Had my bike stolen last night (October 1st) on Havemeyer between Grand and Metro. Wish I had a picture of it, but I don’t. It’s a mountain bike with a slick on the back wheel and nobby up front. The color is basically rust (I stripped all the paint and did a thin clear coat so it would rust up the surface. Thought it would make the bike less of a target…) I just put a couple hundred bucks into new tires, rear hub, etc.

Well, no expectations on finding it, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that bikes aren’t as safe as you may think; Krypto locks and chains notwithstanding.

If you do spot the bike somewhere in the hood (I live three blocks there) please let me know –


2-Serra Hirsh
Thursday 10/6/09, Dean Street and 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, btwn 7-10 PM
Vintage red foldie bike with a vintage orange, yellow and green flowered banana seat, rear view mirror, great bell and flashing red light McGyvered onto its rear bike rack. 8 ball tire caps. Rear pedal breaks and one handlebar break. A few colored bungee cords on the rack, too.
Her name was Delores.
I am devastated.
Please call if you see her!
212 330 6954
craig’s list ad

Delores 0609Delores the Contortionist


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