Time's Up gets archived

Executive Director, Bill DiPaola, former squatter, environmental activist and executive director of the NYC based Time’s Up, always had a feeling about saving every flyer and poster from past environmental protests and critical mass rides. Someday all that visual history would be documented and available to the public to tell the real story […]

Check out the:

A new blog about bikes taking over LA:

and they too remembered Seattle:

Video from Stairways to Heaven Alleycat in LA

Saw this on Seattle’s

This race took place on on November 15,2009. The race consisted of 3 sprints and 2 sets of stairclimbs that eventually lead to a free for all race to the Bike Day LA event in Hollywood. Eight miles through the streets of Los Angeles with traffic and […]

Tweed Ride in San Diego

These seem to be becoming more popular. When is NYC’s? Saw this on December 12th, 2009

more on the forum

Bicycle Coop in Philadelphia

Chris from the web channel sent me the latest bike video about Pedal Coop in Philly. Not your average ecco-hauler.

From their website

The Pedal Co-Op is a worker-run organization that offers environmentally-friendly services to local businesses and residents in Philadelphia. The Pedal Co-Op’s goal is to diminish the caustic environmental […]

N30 turns 10. The WTO-Battle of Seattle

Today marks 10 years since protesters disrupted the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the city of Seattle. That weekend was a benchmark for the protest movement around the world and was much more about the creative commitment of thousands of people coming together against free trade and corporate greed […]

Ryan Doyle on Tall Bikes Jousting, Art Basel and a new iphone app.

Ryan Doyle is hard to miss, or at least the contraptions he creates and rides upon. You might recognize him riding a tandem tall bike around Bed-Sty Brooklyn or maybe toppling an advisory from a rival bike club in a tall bike joust, after all he is the world champion. He was featured in […]

Bike Core Punk-tomorrow

Bike Core punk rock.

SATURDAY !!!! 11/28/2009 TRASH BAR – Brooklyn 9PM!

TEAM SPIDER and friends work off some off the Thanksgiving Feast pounds by skanking the weekend away! in brooklyn YO.

SO ! Have a good holiday THURSDAY, & see YA SATURDAY !! well curated line-up features lots of good SKA CORE BANDS.. […]

Cranksgiving in the NY Times

David Goodman who writes for the bicycle themed blog column, “spokes” for the NY Times had a chance to participate and write about his experience at last weekends hugely successful Cranksgiving:

(pointed out to me by a comment on this blog and Joe Hendry of

An Outlaw Street Race, for a Good Cause […]

Rapha Pros turn courier in London

Article found by Joe Hendry of messmedia.

Rapha Condor pros turn London couriers for a day, November 23, 2009

London-based customers of high-end cycling clothing brand Rapha specifiying the Fast Fridays bike courier delivery option on items they order this week may be in for a surprise.

That’s because Rapha Condor pro riders […]