November 15th, Hills Hurt

If you want to race an Alleycat with hills, you’ve gotta go to Jersey. Hills HURT! nov. 15th sunday 2pm reg. 3pm start (time might change) $15 starts in jersey on river road up to alpine approach rd back on to river road. 2 laps with checkpoints.

$$$primes, prizes for: 1st OVERALL, 1st track, […]

Friday the 13th, 3.

Local NYC alleycat, next Friday. Tompkins Square Park, Registration is at: 6ish Race at: 7:12pm $5.00

Lance’s art bikes fetched a good price.

Last Sunday, Sotheby’s auction house sold off the Lance Armstrong collection of bikes designed by such celebrity artists as Shepard Fairey, Kaws and Damien Hurst. (This Damien Hurst went for $500,000)

For a full review and the price these bikes went for to support Lance’s Livestrong foundation check out report from […]