NY Times reviews Balance Bikes for kids

Yishane Lee, did some product testing for the NY Times on the trend of bikes for kids with no pedals.

Check it this interactive slideshow here.

Some results: -$89.00 Skutt, sold at REI, for $95.00 – $89.99 $97.00 […]

For those missing the Tour…

Here are some amazing photographs I got sent from Brent Humphrey who has been documenting the Tour De France for many years.

An amazing photographer out of Austin Texas. Check out his work at this great site:

Check out the launch of IMBIKEMAG

got sent a really nice site that is an interactive Mountain bike magazine.

This is issue #2, featuring: Steve Peat, The Maddest Race on Earth, and a full feature on night riding including light tests with full video! Billy Savage, Hardtail Tests, even more Technique and a Trail Guide to Afan.