17 1/2 minutes with Lance Armstrong from NY magazine

Wondering what’s up with Lance? Flying back and forth to NYC to check out his “stages” art show and art bikes being auctioned at Sotheby’s? Check out this article from NY Magazine:

17 1/2 Minutes With Lance Armstrong
The tequila-loving champ turned art collector comes to town, leaves, and comes back, all to raise money to battle cancer, and all with the utmost efficiency.
* By Jada Yuan
* Published Nov 8, 2009

When Lance Armstrong chills out, he chills with determined focus. As he walks into a Soho gallery for the opening of “Stages,” a traveling benefit art exhibition for his cancer foundation LiveStrong, it’s as if he’s surrounded by layers of progressively weakening force fields: one for press, one for fans, one for cancer-fighters, one for artists he respects, and one for bros. And tonight, it quickly becomes clear, is all about the bros.

Big hugs and backslaps go to Nike president Mark Parker, who first turned Armstrong on to art, and to Armstrong’s sometime workout buddy Jamie O’Shea, who curated the show. All of the pieces in it had to use the color yellow, just like his ubiquitous wristbands. Then Tom Sachs blazes into the room to start serving shots off his piece, Lance’s Tequila Bike for Girls—a bike outfitted with limes, a battery-operated “tequila-delivery system,” and tea bags, in reference to Armstrong’s single testicle. (His nickname is Juan Pelota, a Spanglish pun meaning “One Ball.”

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