Greetings from Tod Seelie

Got this message from Tod Seelie, photographer of bike culture who’s been traveling around Asia riding tallbikes.

I recently returned from a rather adventurous summer and wanted to pass on some things you might find of interest.

Tomorrow night, Friday the 20th, I will have photos from our raft voyage on the Adriatic Sea […]

Times up event-starting tonight

80’s DANCE RIDE- Thursday Night! Meet us at Tompkins Square Park at 7 p.m. Come fight the power with high octane dance music as we reclaim our right to the city’s public spaces with a roving dance party. See events listing for details.

** VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES! – Fundraising coordinator to help coordinate fundraising meetings […]

Stolen bike alert

Sad to report another stolen bike:

My bike was stolen tonight (11/18/09) around Ave B and 2nd St. right outside of Snack Dragon. It is a black Giant Bowery. The flip wheel on back was set to the “fixed” side. On the left handle bar drop down, the tape was chewed up pretty good […]