N30 turns 10. The WTO-Battle of Seattle

Today marks 10 years since protesters disrupted the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the city of Seattle. That weekend was a benchmark for the protest movement around the world and was much more about the creative commitment of thousands of people coming together against free trade and corporate greed and less about the violence of police and a few demonstrators.

I spent two days in a jail cell in my hometown of Seattle, for daring to be on the streets in supposedly a “free country” and 7 years later was awarded a compensation for false arrest. That weekend really left an impression on me.

Hard to believe its been 10 years, when little has changed especially with police misconduct at demonstrations most clearly witnessed in Pittsburgh during the G20 back in September.

Looking back is a series of events in Seattle, at

A few radio broadcasts on and on Portland Radio KBOO fm.

Meanwhile the 7th ministerial meeting of the WTO is in Geneva Switzerland and it seems they are being met with similar resistance, and teargas:

article from Business Standard:

Geneva WTO ministerial likely to be a talkfest, believe many
D Ravi Kanth / Geneva November 30, 2009,

“As the World Trade Organisation’s seventh ministerial meeting begins today (Monday) amid violence, trade ministers will focus for the first time not so much on the stalled-Doha trade negotiations but on how to strengthen the much-bruised organisation that has neglected institutional-building activities all these years, several senior trade officials said.

“When you run out of anything important, then you would start talking about institutional-building activities,” a senior trade official from an industrialised country told BS, comparing the seventh ministerial meeting to “a wet croissant”.

Read the rest of the article here.

And this in Business Week.

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