Resluts of this years NYC cranksgiving.

4124872373_566b6f8db9(photo by Sharon Goldberg of
According to Cranksgiving organizer, Ken Stanek, there were 119 Racers for the 11th annual charity race, including three tandems and a few tall bikes.

1ST PLACE: Crihs & Lauren Klien (5th Overall)
2ND PLACE: Doug D & Heather Muller (6th Overall)
3RD PLACE: Kieth Garrison & Janessa Stark (10th Overall)
4TH PLACE: Pavel & Hana (22nd Overall)
5TH PLACE: Will Sherman & Grace (25th Overall)
6TH PLACE: Brantley & Kindall Almond (33rd Overall) (I have a prize for you, if you’re reading this, Kindall)
7TH PLACE: Izumi & Adrienne (35th)
8TH PLACE: Tony Leonardo & Nikki Zerka (36th)
9TH PLACE: Ray Clark & Rachel Rubino (39th)
10TH PLACE: Eli B & Sara Wojcik (40th)

Sasha – MOST GENEROUS – dude bought two turkeys
Eli – First Out of Town
Andras & Andra (Team Budapest – First Tandem or TallBike
Ray Clark – 1st Rookie

This was the first race for at least 39 people, and there were 34 girls & 85 guys.
4124871251_ec34b56a4a_o< More photos from Sharon here.

Photos from Doll Parts here.

and Baby food portraits from here.

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