Time's Up gets archived

Executive Director, Bill DiPaola, former squatter, environmental activist and executive director of the NYC based Time’s Up, always had a feeling about saving every flyer and poster from past environmental protests and critical mass rides. Someday all that visual history would be documented and available to the public to tell the real story of NYC activism.

According to the NY Times, it looks as if this is becoming a reality as the Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, at New York University is compiling not only all of the flyers and wheat pasted material but photographs and video of over 20 years of bicycle activism.

Here is a recent article from Colin Moynihan of the NY Times,

The Ephemera of Protests, Carefully Hoarded, Is Going to an Archive
Published: November 27, 2009

More than 20 years ago a Lower East Side plumber turned environmental apostle named Bill DiPaola founded an activist group called Time’s Up and began organizing parties meant to publicize the dangers of acid rain, nuclear power and pesticides.
Above, memorabilia from past Lower East Side protests that will become part of an archive at New York University.

Mr. DiPaola spread word of the events with wheat paste and photocopied fliers, converting lampposts on Avenue B and St. Mark’s Place into billboards upon which to promote events like bike rides and Earth Day parades.

Over the years, Mr. DiPaola held on to those fliers. He also collected posters and communiqués from other local groups — many of them long vanished — that meshed with his conservationist agenda.

There were squatters who used sweat equity to make abandoned buildings habitable. There were the men and women who carted rubble from empty plots and then returned to plant trees and flowering shrubs. And there were groups like the Lower East Side Collective and Reclaim the Streets, that organized public spectacles, replete with fire breathers and stilt walkers, in an effort to provoke questions about ownership of public space.

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Original artwork and flyers are becoming available at Time’s Up account.

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