Tomorrow Biking Rules PSA festival

Tomorrow at BAM, will be a screening of the short films made for the Biking Rules PSA contest.
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Here is a description:
Tue, Nov 17 at 7pm*
*Intro and Q&A


Transportation Alternatives, New York City’s leading advocates for bicycling, walking, and public transit, kicks off its new campaign, Biking Rules, with a film program comprised of short narratives, animations, and documentaries that promote bicycling in New York City. The evening event will include prizes for jury-selected films and a special reception courtesy of the Brooklyn Brewery. Visit to learn more about Transportation Alternatives and the Biking Rules campaign.

**Note: There will be a free bike check at the Salvation Army Building at 321 Ashland Place (just around the corner from BAM’s main entrance), and it will be open starting at 6pm on Tue, Nov 17. Bikes must be picked up by 11:30pm. Bikes parked on the street near BAM may be taken away by the police department.

You can get tickets here.

Check out the facebook page here.

and the website.

Here is one of the PSA contest hopefulls:

Made by: Ma Shumin
Sean Kenney made all the lego stuff
David Pagano animated
Brian Kenney did the sound and music

Good luck to all the contestants.

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