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Fixed Gear Community in Prague

All your fixed gear news, bike polo and reclaiming velodromes:

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Article on bikes in buildings bill

article in the New York Times on new Bikes in Buildings Bill that kicks in tomorrow in NYC

title: Clearing a Path for Bikes in City Office Buildings by: Susan Stellin Published: December 8, 2009

On a rainy Thursday in November, three bicycles were parked in an office on the 29th floor of 7 […]

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Alleycat in San Francisco

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Bicycle Lanes removed, then put back, arrests and now a protest ride

So there has been an ongoing war for space in South Williamsburg Brooklyn. The battle seems to be waged over an over abundance of mini vans from the Hasidic community who feel a privileged right to the neighborhood they predominately inhabit and need a place to put their rides…so much for car pooling and […]

Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

In keeping on with our Holiday Gift Guide, here are some more ideas and some things I may have left out:

Outlier made locally in Brooklyn is on the cutting edge with making high fashion clothing, functional and fashionable for cycling, work and play.

Now they are re-inventing the classic dress shirt: