First Friday, Freedom Ride…NYC

First Friday! The first day of the year!

How do you want your streets to look in the next decade?

Let’s share a fun and safe ride together to explore our community and our city without pollution.

Let’s make the streets what we want.


Urban Velo, preview for issue# 17

My favorite home grown urban bicycle publication: Urban Velo has their 17th issue ready to drop like that overpriced crystal ball in Time’s Square. With everything for product reviews to local bike happenings and a great series on why people love riding their bikes throughout the planet.

Right now their looking for submissions for […]

Shout out to Miami and San Francisco

Looks like I’ll be working on a job in Miami and San Francisco. I would love to check out the local bike scenes if I get any time. Maybe someone could lend me a bike or I could rent on. Looking for a little ambassadorship exchange for anyone who would like the same in […]