Article on bikes in buildings bill

article in the New York Times on new Bikes in Buildings Bill that kicks in tomorrow in NYC

title: Clearing a Path for Bikes in City Office Buildings
by: Susan Stellin
Published: December 8, 2009

On a rainy Thursday in November, three bicycles were parked in an office on the 29th floor of 7 World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, a sleek new tower. Positioned near a window overlooking the Hudson River, the bikes had a better view than many of the desks nearby.

Travis Ruse, a photo director, and others who ride to work at Silverstein Properties in New York can park near their work stations.
Bikes will soon become a more familiar sight around office cubicles in New York City. On Friday, a new bike access law takes effect in the city, stipulating that buildings with freight elevators must allow employees to use those elevators to take their bikes upstairs. Passed in July, the law aims to encourage bicycle commuting by eliminating worries about the security of street parking.

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