Cyclist killed in Greenpoint.

I can’t imagine why we would need bike lanes in Brooklyn? Good thing they removed them on Bedford Ave. This is really tragic and my condolences to the family.

Article form Daily News:

Soulful DJ Solange Raulston is killed after being struck by car while riding bike in Brooklyn
by Mike Mclaughlin, Mark Morales and Oren Yaniv
Monday, December 14th 2009, 4:00 AM
*Dec 13 - 00:05* Photo caption: “Solange Raulston, a 33-year-old DJ, was struck and killed by a flatbed truck while riding her bike on McGuinness Blvd. in Brooklyn.”

A Brooklyn cyclist died Sunday after she was struck by a truck at a busy Greenpoint intersection two blocks from her home, police and witnesses said.

Solange Raulston, 33, a deejay known as Reverend Soul, was riding westbound on Nassau Ave. around noon when a flatbed truck driving in the same direction sideswiped her at the corner of McGuinness Blvd., cops said.

“Her eyes were open but she wasn’t responding,” said Ziggy Cho, 45, who was driving behind the construction truck and said he honked for the driver to stop when he noticed the fatally injured cyclist.

“There were a lot of people helping her” in the pouring rain, he said.

Raulston was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where she died.

No summonses were issued to the 47-year-old truckdriver, who had a valid license and remained at the scene, police said.

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and this article in the Brookyln Paper.

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  • going riding in her memory. My condolences to her loved ones and friends. all the will.

  • Waltizing Matilda

    And no charges have been filed because it’s totally legal to kill a human being as long as they’re on a bike, and you say, “Ooops! I didn’t seem ’em!”

  • this is absolutely terrible. im enraged :(
    my condolences to her loved ones <3

  • Dave Pagl

    Regarding civil suits, Ms. Raulston’s family is interested in exploring whether there is a basis for a wrongful death suit. We are now looking for eyewitnesses to the accident or anyone who was present at the scene of the accident in its immediate aftermath. Please leave your contact info in email to Thanks for caring. Dave


    It is sad that a young person died. My next comment may not pertain to this situation but as a rule the cyclists are out of hand in NYC. They think the city is one giant park for them to ride in & do what they want. It is THE CYCLISTS WHO NEED TO BE ON THE DEFENSIVE, not the cars. Cars are bigger than you so use your brains. For the most part CYCLISTS DO NOT OBEY THE RULES OF THE ROAD IN NYC. NYC is not a city designed for massive bike traffic (Mcguinness Blvd is almost a highway & riding your bike there is DANGEROUS) & as soon as this idiot Bloomberg is out of office, all his stupid bike lane nonsense will be undone. It will be looked upon as Bloomberg’s folly. Biking is great….but if you want it to be a big par of your life…move to Portland.

  • BOB Davies

    The big question I always want to ask. And with respect to the families of those who have lost someone in such a tragic accident. What precautionary steps were taken by the victims. Were they wearing a helmet ?? Why are there no cycle helmet laws in NYC yet one can not drive a car 5 feet without a seat belt. Were there functioning lights on the bicycle. Was the cyclist listening to an Ipod. Until cyclists get real about the real dangers of riding on busy city streets, we will see more and more cyclists getting killed.