Freak Bike Culture in Miami gets regurgitated

Freak Bike Culture is alive and well in Miami for the Art Basel, this week thanks to Ryan Doyle and his hell-o-copter and regurgitator:

This is part of an art exhibit and the promotion of a new iPhone app coming out about tall bike jousting.

Here is a message from game producer Fredric King:
“Greetings from Miami and Art Basel. We are defiantly making waves down hear with Doyle’s Regurgitator. I think the one thing that has saved us from getting busted by the cops is that we’re directly under the flight path of the Miami airport so people think the noise is just a “very” low flying jumbo jet. Yesterday – Doyle, Irish Mike, Ian and Zarah took a tour through Miami Beach on their Tall Bikes and people were cheering them on. Here’s a link to my Youtube video of the Regurgitaor in action. Enjoy it and please share it with your friends.”

Stay tuned to this blog for more about the game and a special prize contest for the chance to win an iPod touch.

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