Happy New Year all!!

Well the Zero’s are rapidly coming to a close. Although it was a pretty dismal decade: 8 years of Bush, 911 (Bush doing nothing), Katrina (Bush doing nothing) the economy (a lot more than Bush doing nothing) We did get a black president (probably going to do nothing)

However, in this age of rapid developing technologies helping to democratize the planet, smart phones, facebook, blogs, twitter–one technology hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years and is enjoying such a glorious revival.


Happy New Year and keep it going in 2010.

Fredric King, creator of the new Tall Bike Jousting App which is now set to be released: 02/01/2010, alerted me of a couple great bike events for New Years.


Tonight there will be fun, xtreme bike games, anarchy and of course Tall Bike Jousting!! Doyle one of the creators of BikeClub Games’ Tall Bike Joust will be on hand to give jousting pointers to any with the guts to give it a try. 1 – til, Japonica Street under the Claiborne Bridge.

and in Portland:


BikeClub Games NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY @ ROTTURE IN PORTLAND! We’re giving away an iPod Touch! You’ll be entered with a chance to win with paid entry at the door. JAPANTHER is featured on the the Tall Bike Joust soundtrack! See them live on New Year’s Eve! Come party and enter to win an iPod Touch! 


315 SE 3rd Ave

Portland, OR 97214

Coming up:
Sundance Film Festival, Park City Utah
The Influencers, Barcelona Spain

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  • I’m not sure if there’s an upgrade with this one. Do you have follow up blog/s for this? It’s almost a year now. Thansk