Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

In keeping on with our Holiday Gift Guide, here are some more ideas and some things I may have left out:

Outlier made locally in Brooklyn is on the cutting edge with making high fashion clothing, functional and fashionable for cycling, work and play.

Now they are re-inventing the classic dress shirt:

A little write up on it from Outlier’s Tyler Clemens:
“This is quite simply a better men’s dress shirt. We started out with a basic task, how could we make a shirt that moved better on a cyclists body, but we wound up with something a bit more subtle. A buttondown shirt cut to fit the body better and open up a range of motion constrained by traditional shirt construction. An experiment in form, the Outlier Pivot Sleeve Shirt.

The basic challenge was straightforward, when you lean forward on a bike a buttondown shirt stresses. It pulls uncomfortably taut across the shoulders. The sleeves pull up exposing your wrists to the cold, and the tails pull out of your pants, leaving you either untucked or with a blooming blouse of a shirt. Our solution is the patent-pending Pivot Sleeve, a completely reconstructed buttondown that retains the traditional look and feel of a dress shirt while working equally well both on and off the a bicycle.

From the front it looks like a well cut dress shirt. Like a good stage show, the magic takes place in back unseen by most. The underside of the pivot sleeve flows seamlessly into the back of the garment, creating an extra side panel. By removing the rear arm seam you can move your arm forward without restriction. It opens up a whole range of arm motion, move your arms forward or up and your shirt stays in place, cuff at the wrist, no cutting at the shoulders, your shirt tucked in properly. The extra side panel created by the pivot sleeve gives the shirt a strong form, the extra fluff found in most modern dress shirts is gone, this is how a shirt should fit.”

How about the “Best Winter Cycling Cap” from Fabric Horse
Picture 3


Check out some rad hats and chalk bags from outta LA.
Denim work hat $25.00


Chalk bags $25.00
—————————————————- out of San Francisco has a sweet waterproof backpack.
Picture 4

Check out this video:

Day in the life of the Vandal Cargo Pack from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Check out Karl Anderson and his designs at
True Romance T-shirts:
and some handmade paper journals:
il_430xN.108681112 $5.39
BTW, is a web site allows you to have your own web store and its filled with over 230 pages of bicycle related stuff, like t-shirts, books, and more. Here are just a few things I found:
A Giraffe riding a tallbike from dark cycling clothing
Vintage Bicycle Charm bracelet from Kimari Jewelry
il_fullxfull.79151768 $29.98
and some hoodies from Vital
il_430xN.95366562 $40.00
I forgot to post this a while back (sorry) but Anne Wolfe is making her own bike racks in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
I asked her about this project:

“A grant came from a local group, through SEEAL and the EPA, to make bike racks out of recycled materials. I worked with 2 other artists to come up with concept – a bike rack/fence around a street tree. The other artists had to drop out of the project, so I took it from there. I have a stash of tubing (we live in an old warehouse, so I have the space for a lot of crap, which comes in handy.) A local steel supplier had the cool shapes, which are cut-offs from plasma cut disks. So there are 3 like this one, in different colors, in the downtown area.


Since then, the city has hired me to make 2 more bike racks, which are more like the standard “wave” bike rack, but also made of recycled steel, which are by our first local urban garden plots. The bike racks have been used a lot since they were installed early in the summer, and the city of New Bedford has expressed interest in more. They just put in a bike lane on a street near my place, so I think they’re heading in the right direction.

I’ve been doing metalwork since the mid-90s, and I’m a 41 year old mom of a 2 year old.
She also prints bikes on mugs and other kitchen items at her ESTY site Acero Studio
il_430xN.108908182 $32.00

Maybe giving someone some reflective gear is a nice gift:
Picture 5

More at the
For “Everything Fixed Gear” check out the web store
Don’t forget to support your local bike shops.

Here (NYC) we’ve got King Kog 455 Graham Ave, Brooklyn. They got great stuff like this brass belt buckle with the King Kog Gorilla logo:


and don’t forget they’ll be having an art auction on Friday, December 11th:

They also sell exclusive Laek House designs from Ethan Benton.


Here is a little about them:
Press Release:

“Welcome to Laek House.

We’re super proud to show our new shirts and color-ways for the Holiday season. Laek House marries cycling to t-shirts with an eye towards the past, present and suggested future.

If you’re not familiar with us, here is some background;
1. We’re based in NYC, Brooklyn to be specific, and have been working at this since 2005.
2. Everything is hand screened and produced within New York City.
3. We have a long running collaborative project with Velocity to producing ELVS rims. The ELVS rim is a black retro-reflective finish that can be applied to every rim in Velocity’s catalog.
4. Our monthly giveaway series Asphalt, produce in collaboration with blogger supreme John Prolly.

Some t-shirts from fellow blogger
Picture 6
and outta Seattle: Zlog Blog
Talia Lempert has been painting bicycles for years. You can see some of her work on her site: Bicycle She also makes great t-shirts, onsies and even coloring books for the kids.
Picture 7
She’ll be at the Brooklyn Flea’s Holiday Flea Market. 20 East 4th St @ Lafayette. in Manhattan.

Hi Friends!
Join me at the Brooklyn Flea’s Holiday Market – Gifted!
I’ll be there, selling all kinds of good gifty stuff
Prints, sketches, small paintings, T shirts and my handmade cycling caps
all this week, from Wednesday – Sunday
and then Dec. 20-24

It’s fun to be inside with so many cool vendors
selling beautiful handmade stuff, varied and awesome
as well as super classy vintage.
It’s open 12-7 Wednesday-Sunday
AND There’s an afterwork party
Wednesday night from 6-9
with Other Music DJ’s and Brooklyn Brew Shop beer.
Hope to see you there!


and Hector Rodriguez of Faction Cycling in Chicago has a whole line of cycling jerseys and t’s:
This image includes: (from Hector)
Works Share the Road jersey
With all their arm-flailing and flipper-kicking, roller bladers can be a real nuisance. Before you don The Beast and your battle axe and take it to them, consider this more polite approach.

Centaur Share the Road jersey
With all their arm-flailing and flipper-kicking, roller bladers can be a real nuisance. Before you don The Beast and your battle axe and take it to them, consider this more polite approach.

Road Scholar Cap
Vintage Houndstooth Stripe Cap
Houndstooth check is made by alternating four dark bands and four light threads in both warp, and weft, woven in a simple 2:2 twill, two over and two under the warp, advancing one thread each pass. Okay, we have no idea what that meant either. All we know is that houndstooth is what professors wear, and professors are smart, and you can at least look smart in this sophisticated lid.

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