Latest on the contest to give away an Ipod Touch

Here is the latest on the Ipod Touch photo scavenger hunt contest.

Last week I announced the giveaway of an 8 gig Ipod Touch in promotion of a new app called Tall Bike Joust.

More on the game at

The contest involves taking photos of a subject (of my choosing) each week and score points. The winner who scores the most points wins the Ipod touch.

So congratulations to our first winner: Brian S Griggs who snapped a nice one here of grinding away on a frame for a tallbike:
Brian won 1,000 points for his submission and a t-shirt from the movie B.I.K.E.

and now its on to week 2.
This week we are looking for photos of a the most loaded bike. Could be a Cargo bike caring a lot of weight, or a rigged up sound bike with speakers, or some sort of circus family riding with 16 people.

Further rules of the contest can be found Here.

You have until Sunday, December 21st at midnight to send in a photo. Previous winners are eligible and their points carry over.
This week’s prize is a beenie hat from the movie B.I.K.E. to keep you warm in winter and a continued chance to win the ipod touch.

Good Luck.

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