London’s bike sharing program 2010

article on London’s bike sharing program coming for 2010:

London’s ‘Velib’ to cost quid a day to undock

London’s cycle hire scheme will launch in summer 2010 and will “open up cycling to thousands of people who don’t currently have the opportunity to cycle in London”

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that London’s Cycle Hire scheme will be free for the first half an hour of use – after a £1 undocking charge. The pricing structure for the Capital’s latest system of public transport was agreed at a TfL Board meeting on 10th December.

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  • I live work and cycle everyday in London and think the scheme is a complete waste of money. Bikes are not expensive. If someone wants to cycle they can buy a bike. The london authority has just released the charges and they are so high that it will kill the scheme. I suspect they are set so high to cover the likely huge number of stolen bikes.