Naked Schmaked, I mean it was snowing.

Forget that silly little conference in Copenhagen deciding on a plan to tackle such a trivial thing like the climate of the planet…this is the real controversy. The removal of a bike lane in Brooklyn, the most egregious act to hit the cycling world since Ed Koch tried to ban bikes from Midtown Manhattan.

First the bike lanes were removed.
Then some citizens decided to paint them back.
Then they got busted for criminal mischief.
Then there was a ton of press on the issue.
Then Sunday the 13th, Time’s Up clown brigade organized a “mock funneral,” for the dearly departed bike lane.
Then, there was threat of a Naked bike ride protest in the assumption that the bike lane removal from a predominately Hasidic Jewish community was directly related to claims of too many scantily clad cyclists going thru.
and Transportation Alternatives protested the protesting of the protest, saying this is very divisive and antagonistic.

Then Saturday, the 19th… this happened.

(thanks to Anita of for alerting me of the video.

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