NYTimes: Spokes, advice on riding in winter

You probably know about the New York Time’s Spokes Blog, who brought you such original ideas as a Gift guide for cyclists. I wonder where they possibly got that idea? Wish I thought of it. I wait I did.

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1
Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

Oh well, as long great cycling products get promoted, right?

Here is their latest on tips for riding in Winter:

December 22, 2009, 12:02 pm
Advice on Pedaling Through the Winter
By Sean Patrick Farrell and J. David Goodman

spokes-winterriding-1(photo by: J. David Goodman for the NY Times)

Photo caption-A trickle of riders navigated the slushy Broadway bike path on Monday.

The big news about last Saturday’s much-anticipated and debated “nude” protest ride, the latest in a string of protest actions surrounding the removal of 14 blocks of the Bedford Avenue bike lanes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was that no one was actually nude.

With temperatures hovering around 20 degrees and the snow already swirling, can anyone blame the demonstrators for covering up? Read more…

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