Road Rage

Today there was a story on NPR about “road rage,” and the continuing escalation of anger between motorists and cyclists on our busy urban streets. This story derived from the recent conviction of Doctor Christopher Thompson who used his vehicle as a weapon and seriously injured two road cyclists in L.A.’s Mandeville Canyon. Turns out this ER doctor was a repeat offender and omitted to police in purposely hitting cyclists to “teach them a lesson.” The Doc could face up to 10 years in prison and is a landmark case for protection of cyclists, according to Laren Mooney, editor of Bicycling Magazine.

More on the conviction of Doctor Thompson from the LA Times, from November, 2009.

Listen to the “all things considered” NPR story here.

In other “road rage” news..In Philadelphia, Bicycle Messenger, Rachel Fletcher, speaks out about how she was recently hit by a car on Thanksgiving…

And according to Gothamist, a recent Hunter College report, shows that bike lanes are blocked by motor vehicles 60% of the time.

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2 comments to Road Rage

  • Waltzing Matlida

    Well, it wasn’t road rage, but we had a 14 year old boy on a bike get hit by a bus yesterday. According to the paper, the bus driver will be charged with reckless driving. It’s not much, but it’s something. The woman who killed a cyclist here last summer has still not faced any charges. I know a couple of our local prosecutors. I’ve asked them why, and they keep telling me they’ve been instructed to not talk about the case.

  • Drivers should learn how to control their temper. Government should do something about this increasing rate of road rage.