Shout out to Keiko and NY Bike Jumble

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Harry and the NY Bike Jumble photo booth. Amazing photographer Keiko Niwa was out a few weeks ago at the Old Stone House, in Park Slope taking photos of people and their trusted rides.

Then the sent everyone a zip file of their photos.
I got mine and had a obvious favorite:

Keiko posted a bunch on her blog.
4123938228_523c595689_o (Chombo on the left of
4123936618_61e5c36529_o (Alan on the right of
4123938462_0efa549947_o (Harry Schwartzman of NY Bike Jumble on the left)
4123168419_afcede5432_o (My buddy Jonathan Beck (right) with his Bullit Bike)
4123167405_cbffb468ff_o(anyone know this tall bike?)

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