Shout out to Miami and San Francisco

Looks like I’ll be working on a job in Miami and San Francisco. I would love to check out the local bike scenes if I get any time. Maybe someone could lend me a bike or I could rent on. Looking for a little ambassadorship exchange for anyone who would like the same in NYC.

Let me know.

Miami: January 6th-10th

San Francisco: 12th-17th

2 comments to Shout out to Miami and San Francisco

  • Bike Miami Days

    Come to Miami- lots of ways we can hook you up with a bike and some people-;; contact me at – see you soon!

  • my peeps and I got spare bikes, how tall are you?!
    we go riding all the time and there are wed. night rides you might enjoy (butterlap)
    you know my blog, and also a collab of 4 women 😉