Squid on’s show: Bike Talk

KPFK out of San Francisco has a show called: Bike Talk, weekly on Saturdays.

On the January 19th, they featured legendary courier: Kevin “Squid” Bolger.

from their site: This week on Bike Talk: Squid!! Veteran messenger Kevin Bolger shares stories of NYC messengering, Alley Cats races, worldwide track bike dissemination,, and the legendary “Warriors” ride. Can you dig it!?! Also a visit to the Netherlands Consulate General. Nick Richart and Joe Linton talk with Consul-General Bart van Bolhuis about the ubiquity of bikes in his country and how to improve bike infrastructure here in Los Angeles. They are also joined by Jon Lind of De Fietsfabriek USA, and Conny Lederer.

Check it out here.

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